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6 Facts About Lessons Everyone Thinks Are True

World Class Schooling–Singapore Style

Over the past several decades, Singapore has made giant leaps to make itself known as a highly-urbanized city. With modern architectural structures, beautiful skyscrapers, active nightlife and all other signs of urban lifestyle, Singapore will surely have you wrapped in its little fingers. You’ll be surprised at how this country packs a whole lot of modernization and luxury in its tiny little hands. Thanks to the country’s economic boom, its educational system has drastically improved too.

When Singapore became independent from British rule back in 1965, it became the start of its own educational system’s growth. The educational system was once used to hone people to be part of a much need workforce of a developing country, but now, one of Singapore’s aim is to have their educational system retain and develop talents in as many areas as possible. This may seem to be a hard task at first, but Singapore managed to do that by making sure that the government allocate funds that will enable them to diversify the education system, build infrastructures and create a working welfare system.

Additional educational options have also been added into the system over the past years. Students who are more adept in the arts or sports are likely to find themselves in institutions like that of the School for the Arts or the Sports School–these are the schools that specialize in helping students cultivate their natural talents while making sure that they still get their schooling on core competencies. Singapore plays host to a number of foreign nationals, tourists, and expatriates, and to squash any foreseeable language gap that may happen, the Singapore English curriculum in most schools were reinforced and strengthened. Singaporean students are also known to be very good in Math, all thanks to what is known as the “Singapore Math Method” , a technique that even US schools are trying to emulate.

The performance of Singaporean schools on the average is a bit higher than most other countries. It’s strong educational system produces quality students who can compete and get high rankings even at international study contests.

Singapore values education greatly, and here you will have no problem in looking for good schools to enroll into. Expatriates and their families may choose to enroll themselves in any of Singapore’s schools catering to foreign nationals and some of them namely the French School of Singapore, the Singapore American School, the Singapore International School and a lot more. Singaporean locals however are not permitted to enroll in International schools not unless they have another citizenship, instead they can enroll in other public or elite private schools of their own choosing.

Studying in Singapore not only open doors to achieving academic excellence but also to be a part of a community that offers a lot of job opportunities.

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