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A 10-Point Plan for Restaurants (Without Being Overwhelmed)

How to Find a Great Restaurant in Pasadena

Pasadena is home to a lot of great restaurants. Many of the restaurants have won various awards. If you are visiting the city and want to check out a new restaurant you’ll have a hard time choosing one because there are so many outstanding establishments to pick from. Of course you want to dine at the best Pasadena restaurant but what make the best restaurant?

Cleanliness is of utmost importance. If a restaurant isn’t extremely clean it could never be one of the best restaurants. A restaurant that isn’t clean isn’t going to have the best atmosphere but in addition to that you risk getting sick. Every restaurant in Pasadena is supervised by the health department which checks things like cleanliness and you can see how every restaurant is rated. The best Pasadena restaurant is going to be one with a nice big A from the health department.

Atmosphere also has a lot to do with how well a restaurant is received. It is a completely subjective exercise to determine whether or not a restaurant’s atmosphere is appealing. Whether or not you like a restaurant’s atmosphere is really a matter of personal choice. However, really great restaurants spend a lot of time on creating an atmosphere. Regardless if the particular atmosphere is your cup of tea or not, one thing the great restaurants have in common is that the effort they put in to create an atmosphere is easily recognizable. And they often try to create an atmosphere that is unique to their establishment.

Of course food is important because that is why you visit restaurants after all. When it comes to food, don’t even waste your time with restaurants that do not use fresh ingredients in their dishes. Pasadena is in the produce capital of the country; from dairy to vegetable it’s all there in abundance. Fresh produce is an absolute must for any restaurant in Pasadena that want to be taken seriously.

Service is a part of the equation too. For many years, restaurant owners have been arguing amongst themselves about whether service trumps food when it comes to gaining repeat customers. Good service does turn customers in to boomerangs; this is true. You know you’re in a restaurant that has good service when you feel special. You don’t wait for long to be attended, the staff id friendly and they go out of their way to please you.

There are a variety of best restaurant lists focusing on Pasadena restaurants if you need a bit of a guide. Many of the restaurants are categorized by the type of food on the menu. For example one list my read: The Best Mexican food in Pasadena.

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